Theory of “Nothing”: Nonsense Blog

Chapter 01

Gowrav Vishwakarma
5 min readNov 11, 2019


Note: This will be a long long series with a lot on a lot of things

It looks right time to me, as scientists are also talking about consciousness now. I have been working on my model since long, but couldn’t have the courage to write my nonsense thoughts properly till now. My previous attempts were just a start that never went beyond a couple of pages. I tried to start writing in 2014 also, but at that time I never thought people will talk almost the same “nonsense”, That looked (and still looks) sense to me.

in Last few years, I came to know about Quantum Physics and Dark matter and when I felt, I was talking almost same nonsense to myself a few years back, I got the courage to write my version as I am not only the one who thinks Stupid :P for most the physically oriented person.

What is this all about: “Theory of Nothing”

Well, Nothing. And believe me, it is too huge to write on the Nothing I am trying to write here. We will be talking about life and non-living things, Universe and Consciousness, I and AI, Time to Gravity, Physics to Spirits, Everything. And Belive me, in the end, we will conclude about Nothing.

Source of Inspiration

I have worked at the biggest and the most expensive lab in this physical world. The “Inner ME”. I got an inspiration to write again on these subject approx 1 yr back. From where and How? is a matter of a completely new chapter and it took me one year to keep that thing cultivate in me and now, here I am planning to start writing things here again.

As we will proceed to other chapters, I will try to explain things in more details but …

I am thinking… Where and How should I start about something, that has no start and end? Humm, start and end. Why not start with time itself 🤔.

“TIME” — The most misunderstood phenomena, at least the way I look at it.

What is “TIME”

“नित्यता का बोध ही समय है” (“Realization of continuity is Time”) — Wrote as it is, how I received.

That’s very deep, and with the next chapters, we will understand it in more details.

So, Time is not a Dimension, Not the fourth Dimension, nither time is any element for the existence of this universe nor it is an outcome from something. This is not any factor for something to happen. This is the understanding of consciousness. Hense, Time belongs to individuals, well “Time belongs to any state of consciousness” to be a bit more precise. It is not same for everyone in every state. It is one of the factors/attributes of consciousness (Well, not a factor/attribute but keep it as it is now, easy to understand ;) ).

About the universe, Time is as spread as “the universe’s consciousness”. Since time is not a Dimension, you do not move in it like any other dimension (The Dimensions we know are mostly x,y,z…). Once we understand that time is not a dimension, and accept it as Realization from the consciousness we will find that there is nothing called as Past, Present or Future. There is just existence. For now, you can consider it as “Present”.

Being said that, we need to understand a bit about Dimensions. We know Dimensions in physics. Dimension is the attribute of space. You can move in it. Time is not Dimension, you can not move in it. NOT THE WAY YOU ARE TRYING SINCE YOU ARE THINKING ALL WRONG ABOUT TIME.

Can I Proof: Nope, Not in Chapter 01, But I can just give you directions to think in. Let’s say, you are in some three-dimension space at some point at SOME TIME. After some time you are on another point. Humm. Okay. If an ant is travelling in 2D, it's on one point at a time and on second after some time. Humm, interesting. Time is here too. Let’s consider a bullet travelling in 1D, and it is on one point at some time and at another after some time. Time is also here. And if you go further, Let’s consider a dimensionless world. It is there and after SOME TIME, it is still there. Time is still part of it. So, What’s time now. It's your consciousness determining something in some sort of continuity. Interesting.😜

Can we see the past or the future like how we understand it now? It goes beyond physics, as we are talking about consciousness and the current science understands things in terms of quantum and dark matter. Let it be like this to understand easy. Since time is part of consciousness, On quantum level yes YOU CAN BE IN ANY TIME. Remember there is no PAST and/or FUTURE.

By that means, There is no Paradox about time. If we change our Past my Present should be changed? Well, exactly no. There is no Past or Future. So nothing changes. Am I talking about parallel universes here? Humm… nope. Your consciousness can be at both states at the exact same time. But, with future chapters, you will find that theoretically, You can be in that state easy than changing it. okay… leave the complexity now.

Do I have a formula? Nope, Not now. It’s just Theory of Nothing for now. 😄
Will you get or find some Doable Actions/Values from this nonsense? Yes, Surely in coming chapters.
Do I know everything? Nope, I know nothing 😜

Okay, what’s taken from this very short starting chapter (At least for me), Time is something that consciousness feels (Will get better words soon) and there is no Past, Present or Future. Everything happening (Including what you understand as Past and Future) is BEING NOW.

Since I am about to talk so much nonsense here, I’ll try to make things relative to what we as human knows in this physical world. It will help me make things more understandable.

Am I done with time? Nope, pausing on it. We will come to it again after understanding a few more terms.

I’ll try to pick some new factors and will speak around something else, but in FUTURE 😜 😂 🤣 😇