Information and adoption runs at a different pace

Gowrav Vishwakarma
2 min readJul 2, 2021

I learnt it the hard way.

Story first: I created a no-code website builder and drag and drop based totally customizable e-commerce builder well equipped with an ERP+CRM behind. All good. and failed to understand what the title of this article is.

Since I belong to a small city and started my career there only. I was having very little or almost no budget. We were afraid of fundings, as we were small and we always thought that these big giants will jump in and will kill us and will take control. (Yeah, I now understand fundings better, but at that time, I was also well informed but was not ready for adoption).

So, we started targetting our own city/state customers, They were all very well informed about what is happening in the world, they knew the power of various tools (ECommerce, ERP, CRM) their company should have almost 10~15 years back. They were keen to know more about the product and we kept living in the false perception that they are ready to adopt.

Very slowly the sales started happening but with every positive talk of months and no sale with any great possible client, we were used to correcting our sales pitches, product improvements … anything, but we never thought of a single thing, to-

“Change our target audiences”, because these tier2, tier3 audience at that time was very well informed but adoption was yet to reach them.

Today is a totally different game, I know my things and target audiences well. Also, I have learnt how to fill the gap of information and adoption by virtual means.

#tier2 #tier3 #nextHalfBillion

P.S. My product is still available online as open-source now.

Note: No, I am not looking to re-launch the products, I now want to work on whats is there coming in after 10 years and this time with the right audience and right place. or know more about that product