How OKRs filled my Missing DNA — Part 3/3

Gowrav Vishwakarma
4 min readFeb 29, 2020

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In search of my missing component(s), I tried creating a community of Entrepreneurs, IEC (International Entrepreneur’s Club). I talked and tried to learn from everyone I could from all over the globe. But again, it was not to make a huge community but learn from wherever I can.

(Video below is just showing my efforts, No need to see a complete video to continue with my Journey)

By that time I felt almost broken, I knew the answer to my quest will be one line like “Follow your passion” or “Keep the focus on your goal” or after a 1000 years meditation a yogi comes and says one line “Happiness lies within you, don’t search it outside” etc but I wanted to learn that from my ‘Aha’ moment.

I hope you understand that ‘Aha’ moment, when even while you are using something or knowing something completely from so long and suddenly someday you understand from inside out the way you never saw it- ‘Aha, Okay okay I got it now’.

The present start

I was still, looking for what I was missing. I designed my own ways of goal designing, having measurable assessment based result system that tracks your progress by removing personal emotional touch to avoid bad practices in the company that actually works, but still, I knew, one or two or three blocks are missing.

I took a break, shut down the company again. This time not to start with other ways but to keep my self calm and dig inside. I knew I have tested so many things and I am very around it. I knew, what I am looking can be at any next corner. So, I needed a break. I was tired.

After a break and broken for ~3–5 months, I went to hibernate mode and vipassana centre for days.

I came back and in the quest to my answers. I needed time to think and I was so broken I just wanted to leave my quest and move forward to start a successful business, this time with what I know with all my passion again. But, I met a wonderful team and joined them instead of starting my own. I am a passionate guy. I work from the bottom of my heart. During this running job, I kept doing what I was second good at, Developing complex systems from scratch with my elements what I am best at “Manage the team, Make them do extraordinary work in terms of product and time both. Enhance their capabilities”. But my quest was continued inside.

This time I was keen that unless I find missing things, I will not run into management things. I kept myself very focus on what my company needs from me to do. But still, When it was needed, I ran one of the tools of my own Gaming Point system and it worked as I knew it will ;)

Recently our CEO and Founder Sameer read this book, “Measure What Matters”. Sameer was in love with the book. We could feel his enthusiasm. He just ordered a number of copies and distributed to all key persons in the company and defined Objective and Key Results to finish the book.

Well, I also had to, as it was a task.

Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop or linger on. I just kept reading. I took this book as literally an examination book for my life. I read it, I highlighted key points in my own way. And read those points again and again. I knew I was standing at my that corner and I could relate all MY study to human behaviour, business, organizations and the missing blocks.

No, I was not reading to prove myself correct, A big no. During the initial few pages, I became a kid who knows nothing and started reading the book as it should be read. No Biased learning.

This book did two beautiful things to me, First, I got my confidence back. Again, not because it proved to me that I was thinking correct but more because of what I learnt from life is not in vain. Still, to achieve success in any business, everything starts from zero. But, I am now more confident in saying that “as per what I think, how the things should be”. I restricted myself to my work zone only, As I started believing that I am not made for business. For most of the business talks, I kept myself shut, It’s not about my business or business where I work. I just kept myself in the shell.

Second, I learnt that to feel that proud of having a successful business, it is not necessary that you own a business or you have to be a founder. You just need to be an important part of something big, You need to follow your passion. If I have to be a character in some play based on this book, I would choose to be ‘the coach’, That’s how/who I am.

And that’s how the journey begins again …